Creating a Courtyard with Curb Appeal in Rocklin



We took this average looking front yard in Stanford Ranch and turned it into a show stopper, while helping the environment by eliminating all the grass. Although the plantings are important, the hardscape is what provides the curb appeal.

The trees surrounding the low seat walls provide a feeling of intimate screening, yet the wide opening between the columns is inviting for friends coming by for a visit. The seat walls are functional, offering additional seating.


Choosing colors that are a little out of the ordinary can be risky, but when chosen with great deliberation, the result is a custom, one of a kind look. The avant-garde pinkish tone of the seat walls vibrates with the color of the bullnose concrete cap—at once dramatic, but understated.  Notice that we did not worry about matching the column wrap to the brick on the house; instead, we found a manufactured stone that complements it.





The large moss rocks marry the columns to the landscape. Small decorative rock breaks up the bark. When taking out a large lawn, the challenge is to cover the square footage without it looking boring.





The pot treatment (their number, shape, placement, color, and shininess) is the final touch that pulls the entire design together.