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Why Renovate Your Landscape?

Nowadays since homeowners are deciding to stay in their homes for a longer amount of time, we are finding that they want to make their landscape what they’ve always wanted it to be. On the other side of the coin, we are also getting calls for staging homes for those who are interested in selling.

We have worked on many landscape makeovers, achieving for our customers the following goals:

bulletRaise property values.

bulletConvert a landscape to an outdoor living area: adding new usable hardscape elements increases the likelihood of your spending time outdoors, in effect increasing the usable square footage of your home. Patio covers, pergolas, water features, lighting, pathways, outdoor kitchens, and firepits all serve this purpose.

bulletCreate a more aesthetic and up-to-date landscape: even plants go out of style!

bulletCreate a custom landscape: we all need to feel that our outdoor living space is a unique expression of who we are and that we are not just another undifferentiated house on the block.

bulletIntroduce curb appeal: it’s nice to pull into the driveway at the end of the day to a pleasant home; it feels even nicer to stand out in the crowd; but it feels best to have your home sell for more!

bulletSolve problems: drainage and irrigation problems are the most common.

bulletBecome more green (see our backyard habitat article) by:

•  converting spray irrigation systems to drip;

•  choosing water-conserving plants;

•  using native plants and preserving our native oaks, which in turn helps to stabilize their populations, maintain our unique California natural heritage look, and provide food for wildlife (hummingbirds, butterflies, and other necessary pollinators);

•  minimizing the size of or deleting lawns to conserve water and cut down on herbicides;

bulletStage a home: The instant punch you’ll get will make it much more noticeable.

bulletImprove business: an attractive parking lot can draw more customers in.

Please click on each project name below to see photos of our recent landscape remodel projects.



Phone:  916-624-1984  or  530-878-1984